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Think Giving - Think Finance's Charitable Programs

At Think Finance, we believe it is our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. That's why we established "Think Giving" — an employee program to guide charitable initiatives and volunteer opportunities. Whether it's through our passion for financial literacy or a healthy lifestyle, Think Finance and our employees are proud to give back through our five Think Giving initiatives: Think Savings, Think Healthy, Think Fitness, Think Tech, and Think Angels.

Think Savings

Financial Literacy is vitally important to America's future growth and economic prosperity. We've partnered with EverFi, the leading education technology company, to deliver an award-winning financial literacy program to high schools. We know that good money habits start young, so teaching high school students just as they begin to take their first steps as independent consumers will be truly beneficial for them.

Think Healthy

Healthy eating is the key to a healthy lifestyle, which is why we support food bank initiatives.

Think Fitness

Think Fitness is an initiative we feel particularly passionate about. Many Thinkers are cycling enthusiasts, and we encourage everyone to live healthy lifestyles through programs like the Think Finance cycling team, healthy lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on-site fitness facilities.

Think Tech

As a technology company, we understand how important technology is to future generations, so we want to encourage tech knowledge wherever we can. This, coupled with our waste-not mentality, prompted us to begin donating our old computers to schools and non-profit organizations.

Think Angels

The holidays are always a special time of year, and we like to make it even more special for as many families as possible. Every year, employees are given the opportunity to choose an Angel from our office Angel Tree, and the participation is always overwhelming. Some participate individually, some as teams, but all positively impact the families they choose.