rethinking financial services

Our technology and analytics platform powers lenders serving the underbanked consumers.

It's a sobering fact: Nearly half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. To make matters worse, banks and credit card companies have eliminated $122 billion in available credit since 2009 to consumers with lower credit scores (Jefferies, February 2013). As a result, millions of Americans utilize non-bank credit products such as payday and pawn loans.

Consumers require better financial products that meet their needs in a convenient, affordable, and transparent manner. Think Finance provides the technology and analytics that enable these solutions.

We bring deep consumer understanding to the companies we service via our technology and analytics platform. This solution-driven platform empowers consumers to meet their immediate credit needs with more responsible emergency cash solutions.

Think Finance has been named second on Forbes' "100 Most Promising Companies in America" list.

Think Finance is headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, with an office in Dallas, TX.