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1 out of 4 U.S. households is underbanked
40% of Americans have no emergency savings It's a sobering fact: Nearly half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. To make matters worse, banks and credit card companies have dramatically reduced credit options for consumers with lower credit scores. As a result, millions of Americans utilize non-bank credit products such as payday and pawn loans. Consumers require better financial products that meet their needs in a convenient, affordable, and transparent manner.
56% of U.S. consumers have subprime credit scores

Think Finance plays a key supporting role in powering the technology, analytics and services to financial innovators providing the next generation of solutions to serve these underbanked consumers.

With nearly two decades of industry experience, Think Finance brings deep knowledge in consumer insights, data analytics, and technology-driven solutions to bear for our clients. As a service provider, we remain hyper-focused on the evolving underbanked market, and the needs of our clients in continually innovating for their customers.