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At Think Finance, we're passionate about improving the financial lives of consumers not well-served by traditional bank products.

According to the FDIC, some 60+ million U.S. consumers — more than one quarter of American households — aren't well-served by today's banking products. These consumers aren't on the fringe of our economy, they're the heart of it: teachers, nurses, craftsmen, and other hard working Americans that struggle to get ahead in challenging economic times.

They've been told "No" too many times by traditional financial services institutions so they've created their own patchwork solutions utilizing a combination of alternative financial products including payday loans, prepaid cards, rent-to-own, check cashing, and money transfer.

In recent years there has been much discussion among academics, legislators, consumer groups, and financial services providers about so-called "underbanked" consumers and their financial needs, but discussion has not resulted in action. The quality and availability of small dollar credit has not improved and consumers have fewer credit options than ever. At Think Finance, we believe the solution is product innovation, not increased regulation.

It is our goal is to say "Yes" to consumers, providing the technology and analytics to enable responsible, convenient, and affordable solutions that can help them make ends meet today and build a better financial tomorrow.