think outside the box

Think Finance provides the technology and analytics platform behind today's most innovative alternative credit products.

Consumers in the U.S. and abroad are frustrated with today's financial services products. Limited access, hidden fees and poor customer service have become the norm — especially for consumers who are not well served by traditional banking products. Increasingly, consumers demand products that fit their lifestyle and deliver more value.

Think Finance is at the forefront of this movement — we've developed a technology and analytics platform for the next generation of small dollar credit products.

The Think Finance technology platform powers some of the most innovative financial products available today. Some of these products are delivered directly to consumers by Think Finance, and some are owned or issued by financial partners such as banks or non-bank lenders who use our technology to create and deliver leading products. Together we're delivering new levels of access, convenience, and value to those who need it most at rates much lower than payday loans. In fact, these products have saved customers over $1 billion in finance charges compared to payday loan fees.