Our values

At Think Finance we're committed to our core values. All Thinkers are held accountable for incorporating them into our daily work.

Do the right thing

Doing the right thing is not optional (even when no one is watching). We hold each other to the highest standards and earn our reputation every day.

Own it

Excellence isn't a skill, it's a habit. Owning it means taking the initiative and responsibility to ensure you are pushing yourself and others to deliver the best possible work for our clients. It's about being accountable for your work and investing the time and effort to do it right the first time.

Think big

We have always been the innovator in our industry. Ideas, both big and small, are our competitive advantage. We all share the responsibility to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, and embrace change.

Win together

Our goals are too big to achieve as individuals. Collaboration isn't a by-product of our work, it is our primary focus. It's also more fun.

Our culture

Here are reasons why Think Finance is a cut above the rest:

Keep it casual

We believe employees are most productive when they are comfortable. Whether you are in a three piece suit or shorts - that's ok.

We thrive on collaboration

When you come to our offices you'll notice we LOVE white boards. That's because we know the best ideas stem from solving problems together. Everyone brings their own perspective, and that's applauded and expected.

Laughter's a plus...and we are committed to it

We enjoy spending time with our teams and making the office a fun place to be. Whether through company-sponsored events, volunteer activities, or potlucks, we believe these all make Think Finance a uniquely great place to work.


When you ask Thinkers why they enjoy the company, it boils down to the people. We value our employees - their insights, creativity, and personal development. We're also thrilled to support our employees as they give back to the community through our Think Giving program that guides charitable initiatives and volunteer opportunities.