Market Opportunity*

  • More and more consumers are choosing the ease and convenience of online lending
  • Consumers, especially the under-served market, are seeking privacy, safety and speedy access to funds when they need it
  • Online lending meets consumer needs and we have the tools, resources, and expertise essential for your success

Understanding the underbanked market


million people are unbanked or underbanked


million have low-to-moderate or volatile income


million have subprime credit scores or no score

The US underbanked financial market

Favorable projections for the underbanked financial market in the US:

  • 108 Million Adults, 1/3 of population
  • $1.6 Trillion in total usage of financial products
  • $138 Billion in total revenue
  • $46 Billion in Think Finance market segments
  • 6% Average annual growth 2010-2015
  • Marketplace Lending is the fastest growing segment
  • 310% Increase in lending revenue since 2014
  • Installment loans up 19.1%
  • Short term credit up 15%

Trends and projections

Distinct preference among millennials, who seek services online, having no interest in brick-and-mortar banking. As traditional banks offer fewer sub-prime loan products, this market space will continue to expand.

* Facts and figures regarding Market Opportunity are from Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), 2014 Underserved Market Size: Financial Health Opportunity in Dollars and Cents. Additional, supporting information can also be found on this topic at: and